La La La

La La La is:

Ashley Ballard: Vocals
Carlos Villalobos: All instruments

Recorded & Mixed at Villa de Lobos Studios Arranged by Ashley Ballard and Carlos Villalobos Produced, mixed, mastered by Carlos Villalobos

Ashley Ballard and Carlos Villalobos have worked together on projects since 2004, but when EMPIRE came along Carlos had only one person in mind to co-write with him - Ashley B. Together they created a pop project called "La La La" and will be releasing their "left over" music from Empire and other tv shows, along with other tracks with friends who worked with them on those shows.

Of course, with 2020 being so... well, you know..., they decided to do something different so the first release is a holiday Christmas album. Until then, stay safe and have a Happy Holiday Season!

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