New TOUR - Day 1 - El Salvador

So I picked up a gig playing drums for an all female rock band.  We flew in to El Salvador last night.  Long flight, nothing eventful. 

I slept pretty well last night. VERY hot and humid here right now. Rain storm last night but it was mild. Woke up, went to the gym here and then down to the restaurant for breakfast buffet (that was free ;). 2 band members and our handler were there, so we all ate together.  The hotel is nice, they do have a pool but I won't have any time to use it. :( We fly to Cuba tomorrow morning for another show, playing for the military.  This should be really cool. Word is we're flying in a C12 airplane. Seats 9 people so weight is an issue. Good thing I packed lighter than the required weight allowance. ;)  Bahamas show is after that - I will post as often as I can. We have Sunday off in the Bahamas so that will be nice!

Next week is Honduras and then military show in Greenland before going to Curacao. We are flying mostly military planes and a few commercial airlines.

So that's it for now. Gotta get cleaned up and then go meet everyone downstairs for setup, sound check and quick rehearsal. This will be my first time playing with the whole band at once so let's hope the show goes well tonight. ;)

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