Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Music  

Guest post by Ronald Ross


It’s not surprising that the internet and technology have made music marketing  
much simpler. Not just that, you have several strategies and options to choose  

The best part is, new or unsigned artists don’t require spending a fortune on  
music marketing. 

In this article, I have listed a few effective methods for you to promote your  
music successfully.  


1. Use Social Media  

The benefits of social media, from a business perspective, are plenty when  
used correctly.
It can help you gain a following, build contacts and allow word-  
of-mouth marketing.  

You should plan your content and post regularly, as people engage more with  
active accounts. For instance, you could give a daily sneak-peek into your  
recording studio, do an Instagram/Facebook live, upload vlogs on YouTube of  
your events and so on.  


2. Build A Website  

Having a professional website is the key to your online presence and growth.  
Creating an attractive website design is as essential as a smooth-running  

Not just that, you should plan weekly blogs or video diaries. Basically, anything  
that your fans may find interesting. A website is also necessary for keeping  
your fans updated with your events, ticket pricing, merchandise, albums,  
details of the band members and so on.  


3. Create A Mailing List  

Your professional email is another valuable tool for promoting your music. Yes,  
a website increases engagement from fans, but a mailing list gives you direct  
access to the inboxes of your loyal fans.  

If a fan subscribes to your mailing list, they get updates directly from you. Thus,  
sending them emails, links about your new blogs, songs, albums will reach  
them sooner than a social media story or post.  


4. Engage With Your Fans  

Posting content regularly isn’t enough to keep your fans satisfied. While  
planning out content your fans could relate to could be a challenge, engaging  
with your fans isn’t.  

You must consistently engage with your fans by replying to their comments,  
going live to answer fan questions, planning out fun contests, holding  
giveaways of your merchandise and so on. This builds a personal connection  
between you and your fans, allowing you to convert them into superfans.  


5. Make Music Videos  

Let me tell you a secret if your song doesn’t do expected numbers, a music  
video has the potential to help you reach those numbers. Making an original  
video with excellent videography is as essential as having the best music  
programmes and a top DJ software for your tracks

Investing time, thought, effort in making a cohesive music video is a foolproof  
way to go viral. for your tracks. Investing time, energy, effort in making a  
cohesive and original music video is a foolproof way to go viral.  


6. Perform Live  

Live performance plays one of the most important roles in raising awareness  
about your band and music to a large audience. Not only will you be able to  
promote your music, but also monetise through these gigs.  

So, take up as many gigs as you can. Make sure the event is playing another  
band/musician of the same genre so you can connect with the audience.  


7. Turn To Music Blogs  

There are several music submission sites and blogs for artists to submit their  
music and to help them reach their target audience? Music blogs are a sure  
way to help you gain popularity. Do your research and choose a popular music  
blog in your area which suits your music style. Also, be professional when  
approaching music bloggers and produce original, unique and interesting  


8. Upload On Streaming Services  

Music streaming services are the talk of the town, gone are the days people  
bought albums. Being an artist in this day and age is a golden opportunity, as  
you have multiple streaming channels to choose from. Research and pick the  
streaming service, which could help you get connected with bigger artists.  


9. Work With A Publicist  

You can also work with a reliable publicist to promote your music. A good  
public research team not only helps you in getting media attention, but  
handles all your social media platforms and websites to drive traffic and target  
specific audiences. It is necessary that you have a great relationship with your  
publicist and that they know exactly what you want for your music promotion  
to be successful.  


10. Build A Strong Team  

Lastly, you must have a strong and reliable team. If you are in a band, all the  
band members must be on the same page in terms of band growth and  
awareness. Building a strong team with equally distributed responsibilities is  
extremely important regardless of your music.  

Well, that's a wrap! I hope you find these 10 ways helpful in promoting your  


Author Bio:  
Ronald Ross is passionate about music and also runs a blog  
( for fellow music enthusiasts to share and learn more  
about music and musical instruments.

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