Do Not Release Your Record Without This


by Cari Cole


I see so many artists rush the gate to release their records and end

up with their precious hard won albums hitting a wall.


Don’t release your record without…


A strategy.


Here’s a few tips for how to create one. And if you’re ready to dive

in see my offer at the bottom of this article. Find out how you can

get a music marketing package worth over $4500 for fraction of the

cost, but hurry, it’s a time sensitive offer.


Quick + Simple Tips to Create a Strategy for Your Next

Record Release


1. Know where your record fits.

Throwing your record out there for everyone to see is not a marketing

strategy. Best to aim for putting it where it belongs. Where do you hear

your record being played? Go for that market/placement solely. Don’t

waste your precious time, money + efforts. Target market.


2. Brainstorm.

Think – a lot. Brainstorm. Have brainstorm sessions with friends who

are musicians, music biz coaches and consultants you like and trust.

Get all the ideas out on the table and then – don’t do them all. Pick the

ones that are in your wheelhouse (schedule a Cole Power Hour and

I’ll work on your record strategy here).


3. Create a marketing campaign around the message of your


You will want to market the message of the record – not the record

itself (no one cares about a free song download anymore), i.e., if your

record is a “feel good” record then do a #feelgood campaign. People

want to be a part of something that speaks to them. It’s all about them.


4. Make a timeline with deadlines and goals reached.

Create a timeline for the 9-12 months you are going to market your

record (and don’t forget about your 3-6 month pre-release schedule).

Make an actual release schedule, put it on a timeline and include the

goals you want to reach as a result of your marketing efforts (i.e.,

how many new fans, units downloaded etc.).


5. Engage.

Reaching fans and marketing your record needs your constant

love and attention. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to

work. Respond to every fan. Be available. Don’t ignore social

media, but point everything to your website and your free offer.

Giving away your record for a period of time will grow your list

if you market it right.


There’s obviously so much more to it than just this list. That’s

why I created a program to walk you step-by-step through how

to release your record ~ the smart way.


Here’s how you can get a music marketing package worth over

$4500 for fraction of the cost, but hurry, it’s a time sensitive offer:


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