The New Meaning of DIY for Independent Musicians

July 8, 2014

By Cari Cole


DIY is not really Do-It-Yourself anymore.


What it really means is this:


1. You run your own business.


You are not waiting for anyone else to come along to

rescue you. You are hard at work every day building your

foundational business systems, and marketing pieces. You

know exactly what to do to build your business and you take



Smart Musician Tip:  Every Sunday sit down to prioritize your

week ahead. What are the top 3 things that need to be done?

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2. You have a team (even if it’s only 2)


You know that success is not built by a team of one. It takes at

least a team of two to get things rolling. Wondering who that

second team person should be? And how you can afford them

on a budget? You can – but you’ve got to do it right.


Smart Musician Tip: Start with an intern in music business

school looking to get credit who is social media savvy to help

you. Click here to hit Fast Forward.


3. You have a plan.


Nothing happens without a plan – period. Too many artists stab

at their success thinking the music will speak for itself. Nope.

You’ve got to know how to navigate this new “DIY industry”.

But what no one tells you is that you can’t do it well without

a serious plan. It’s not just about having the money – cause that

can fail too.


Smart Musician Tip: Start with your goals and then create a

to do list for how to reach them. Click here to hit Fast Forward.

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10 step system for Smart + Resourceful Musicians Who Want 
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