10 habits of successful musicians

10 habits of successful musicians American cellist David Finckel embarks on a series of seminars – entitled Being a Musician – at Stony Brook University, New York on 3 February. Here, he identifies the important habits of those musicians who …

New web site design

Yep, I'm finally back and working on a new web site design that is cleaner and easier to navigate, yet includes all of my works.  A new section is the SONGWRITING section where I will feature songs I've done with…

Tour - Day 15

Yes, I know, it has been a while since I wrote anything about the tour.  Visiting Central and South America is amazing, but internet has been spotty and the dates very close to each other so I've not had much…

New TOUR - Day 1 - El Salvador

So I picked up a gig playing drums for an all female rock band.  We flew in to El Salvador last night.  Long flight, nothing eventful. 

I slept pretty well last night. VERY hot and humid here right now.…

Kid Destroys Monsanto In TED Talk!

Too good not to post this:

Birke Baehr is eleven years old, and gave an eye-opening inspirational talk at TED that’s so good, we’re sure that if Monsanto and the Koch brothers could – they would ban it.


Been a while... but lots going on!!!

 Hey everyone,

Yep, I've been busy and not keeping up with my blog.  As you can see I've now created a new web site so that everyone can be engaged and participate in my music creations along the way.…


I'm posting this letter from my sister regarding my nephew, Jack, who has Down Syndrome.  I am involved in helping support and raise funding for DSRTF as well and plan on releasing a cd where 100% of sales will go…


Wow, I can't believe I'm finally just about finished with this new web site.  Been working on the new material, new albums and new projects since Oct 2012 and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Will be…

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