NO ME WITHOUT YOU (feat. Ethan Butler)
(C. Villalobos/A. Ballard ©2017)

From day one our fate was crossed in the stars
We had to take what was already ours

Our love transcends all loss or erosion 
In Life and death that's my devotion  

I learned a lot on the way, I don't know it all 
But I know this much is true 

There's no me without you

I can't say I'm a good man… I do the best that I can
You see through the hurt and you know what I'm worth 

The cost was high but we knew better 
Hit the hard ground runnin, we paid a way together 

The tallest of giants has farthest to fall 
You clear a path of all obstacles 

The sacrifices you made were never in vain
For all of this to come true   

There's no me without you