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This month's feature release is WITHOUT BORDERS, a yoga/meditation album released in 2004 and remastered in 2016. 
Please give it a listen


Check out this remix I did of HG Composer​'s original pop song, CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER,
available on itunes and other download sites this Fall.


"Making a living with music is important... But what's even more important is...
Making a DIFFERENCE in someone's life ~
So I strive to inspire the world through creating music and sharing my process."
This site was created to feature music and other projects from multi-instrumentalist, artist, songwriter, music producer and film composer, Carlos Villalobos (aka/ CJ Villa). He is mostly recognized for his Grammy-nominated nouveau flamenco project, ESPERANZA (originally LA ESPERANZA), but most people don’t know of his other artistic endeavors or that he is also the man behind the themes and/or original music for several tv shows and full-feature films, including his latest venture as music producer for the hit FOX tv show EMPIRE.

He is also very passionate about his other "one-man-band" projects and his most recent rock project tentatively called STARTING FROM ZERO, and continues to write and produce rock, pop, reggae, country, world, classical and instrumental music for other artists.

Here you will find information about this well-rounded artist and his ever growing catalog of music projects. Please look around and feel free to email with any questions or comments and be sure to visit THE VAULT page.  There you will find music available only to members as well as personal live video feeds from the studio and other surprises from time to time.  

•  June, 2016 - My EMPIRE contract was renewed for Season 3 as a music producer.  Excited for my 3rd season with the show and for the new recording studio built at Periscope Post & Audio.

​•  March, 2016 - Season 2 album is out!  Check out one of the tracks, SNITCH BITCH, below:

Screen shot 2016 03 13 at 8 07 22 pm

Written by Moses Barrett III and Terrence Dashon Howard / Published by Universal Polygram Intl. Publishing o/b/o  Kumbaya Music (ASCAP) / Universal Bridges, Inc. (ASCAP) / T C F Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) / Vocals recorded at Periscope PA (Chicago, IL) / Produced by Terrence Howard and Petey Pablo / Engineered by Andrew Twiss and Jason Neumann / Assistant Engineer: Kaitlyn Heffron / Programmer, Keyboards, Strings: Carlos Villalobos

 February, 2016 - We wrapped EMPIRE S2 today (3/4/16) - time to work on my own music again!!!  ;) 

•  February, 2016Empire Gets Its First Grammy Nomination!  As some of you already know, I've been a music producer/engineer on many of these songs since Season 1 so I'm really excited to hear about this nomination.  Let's see what happens!


"What?  We're up for a Grammy?"


•  January, 2016 - Just got the news: Empire Cast “Original Soundtrack From Season 1” has been certified by the RIAA as a Gold Album!!!  

 August, 2015 -  Officially signed with FOX as music producer for EMPIRE on Season 2.  Excited to see where this season goes!!!

•  June, 2015 -  I'm part of the EMPIRE music team featured in MIX MAGAZINE's article on Mike Neh's and PERISCOPE POST & AUDIO.  Check it out here:

•  May - June, 2015 -  This year is looking pretty good.  Back in the studio to finish up new music for artists and music clients and writing new song ideas for Empire season 2 with rapper KNITWIT, singers/writers Ashley Ballard, Justin Young and Jason Hershey!  
•  Feb, 2015 - Wrapped up EMPIRE Season 1 with incredible ratings, some great music that we wrote and produced and a full album coming out soon!!

•  Sept, 2014 - Back at Periscope Post & Audio in Chicago this Fall for another exciting tv season.  With shows like CHICAGO FIRE, CHICAGO PD, SIRENS and the newest show, EMPIRE, Periscope is incredibly busy!!!

With Terrence Howard recording original music for his new show, EMPIRE
(L-R, Andrew Twiss, Carlos VillaLobos, Terrence Howard)

(L-R, Andrew Twiss, Carlos VillaLobos (CV3), Terrence Howard)


Produced and arranged by
Terrence Howard and CV3


Terrence Howard - Vocals/Keys

CV3 - Drums, bass guitar, drum loops, keys, programming

Group Shouts - Terrence Howard, Yazz, Jussie Smollet, Jahred Zmolek, Matt Gubernick

Additional female vocals - Alma Cook


Recorded at Periscope Post & Audio, Villa de Lobos Studios and 2424 Studios, Chicago

Engineers - Andrew Twiss, Danny Christy, CV3

Assistant engineers - Jason Neumann and Matt Gubernick

Mixed by Danny Christy and CV3 @ 2424 Studios

•  Releasing soundtrack score for movie REDEMPTION from Leo Milano later this year, including a song from AMANDA WELLS and additional bonus tracks.  Looks for it on iTunes soon!!!

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