I firmly believe there is a smart and reasonable step toward creating a fair system that benefits everyone in the music chain — music creators, music licensees and music fans — rather than pitting us against one another.  

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"Making a living with music is important... But what's even more important is... making a DIFFERENCE in people's lives ~
So I strive to inspire the world through creating music and sharing my process."
This site was created to feature music from multi-instrumentalist, artist, songwriter, producer, sometimes-actor and film composer, Carlos Villalobos. He is mostly recognized for his Grammy-nominated nouveau flamenco project, ESPERANZA (originally LA ESPERANZA), but most people don’t know of his other artistic endeavors or that he is also the man behind the themes and/or original music for several tv shows and full-feature films.

He is also very passionate about his other "one-man-band" projects, ANGRY CHIWAWAH, FINDING TRUTH, SILKY PIMP, and his most recent rock project tentatively called SUPERLOADED, and continues to write and produce rock, pop, reggae, country, world, classical and instrumental music for other artists.

Here you will find information about this well-rounded artist and his ever growing catalog of music projects. Please look around and feel free to email with any questions or comments and be sure to visit THE VAULT page.  There you will find music available only to members as well as personal live video feeds from the studio and other surprises from time to time.  
If you have any questions about online studio work or production rates please click here.