1. Epic Love

From the recording In Ex-Isle


Epic Love (Lyrics)

Verse 1: Eeny meeny mynee mo, catch a good girl, never let her go. Got to let my lady know, she water me and she see me grow. I've never known a girl like you, you keep me grounded when times are gettin crazy. you'll never know what its like to live without me, so never doubt me.{Uno, dos, tres, quatro)

Chorus: But can you handle, the love that I'm gonna give to you, this lovin that I got for you, it comes so deep from in my heart I gotta call it an epic love. You're bout to feel an epic love.

Verse 2: Outta this world is where I'm takin this love to, I'm achin to love you.{pretty baby} I'll give you my heart, I really hope that you take it, and never will break it {Sexy lady}, You know that I love you but still gotta show it, make sure that you know it {call me crazy}, and never will I ever let you go, I'm your rock fo sho! {Tahi, rua, toru, ha!}

Bridge: All my time with you is so amazin. I got to turn it up, fill your cup, let you know whats up with how I really feel. {ya bettah know say} Together we can keep the fire blazin, so lady you can be my connection, I'll be your protection, I'm the real deal. So lemme keep it real. {two, three, four.}

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