Carlos Villalobos met Jason Hershey, better known as O-Shen, a reggae musician who raps and sings most of his songs in Tok Pisin, while living and working in Hawaii in 1999.  O-Shen hired Carlos to co write and produce his demos, which later turned into his debut album, IRON YOUTH, released in 2000.  Iron Youth did extremely well and won the 2001 Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Reggae Album of the Year.  Carlos moved to Los Angeles that same year to work on other projects while O-Shen toured yet they continued to stay in touch.  In 2015 they reconnected to work on another album project called In Ex-Isle.  They continue to collaborate and plan to record a new album in 2019.  Be sure to check out albums, songs and videos in the STORE. or click on the album cover images above.