Voice for Asian Elephants Society (“VFAES”) is a non-profit 501c-3 organization focused on the plight of Asian elephants in India.  In 2016, Sangita Iyer, the founder of VFAES, completed her feature documentary, “Gods in Shackles,” bringing to light the dichotomy of elephants being worshipped as the embodiment of Lord Ganesh, while being brutally tortured – starved and chained. 

Here is the trailer for Sangita’s multiple award-winning, UN nominated film, Gods in Shackles


WE ARE SUPPORTING THIS CHARITY BECAUSE elephants have existed on this planet for millions of years, but they are now facing a very real threat of extinction due to human/wildlife conflict.  Elephants arrived on the planet more than 80 million years ago, whereas modern humans appeared just seven million years ago and have managed to decimate the entire planet, including this keystone species. More than 83% of the wildlife has disappeared because of the exponential growth in human population and destructive activities, including poaching for the illicit ivory trade and reckless development.  These magnificent animals are highly intelligent and form incredibly strong family bonds.  They are also one of the few mammals besides humans that exhibit self-awareness.  They play an incredibly important role in keeping our ecosystem in balance and it is of utter importance to find ways to coexist peacefully with our gentle giant neighbors before it is too late.  We ask that you please read below and consider helping out if you can.  Thank you.


Here are some of the initiatives VFAES are working on: 


The Forgotten Elephants of Odisha: 

In the elephant range state of Odisha, fragmented forests arduously support an estimated 2,000 wild Asian elephants along with a growing number of people dependent on forest resources. The inevitable conflict between elephants and humans, struggling for limited resources, has led to an unprecedented number of deaths. The increased anxiety and economic pressure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has been like tossing a match on a tinder, making an already dire situation for the elephants even more perilous.  

In order to address this crisis, VFAES has launched The Forgotten Elephants of Odisha, as they've been literally ignored. Most of the attention is in southern India that has the highest concentration of Asian elephants in the world. 


The funds raised through this event will save 2,000 wild elephants, as it will help us implement the following strategies: 


     •  Prevent electrocution by wire traps and electrified fences 

     •  Monitor eight important corridors, out of the 14 identified 

     •  Monitor and address multiple threats to elephants in key habitats in Dhenkanal, Angul & Keonjhar districts 

     •  Fodder planting in the Taal–Kholagarh Elephant Corridor 

     •  Protect elephant habitat from forest fires 

     •  Awareness and education for school children and key stakeholders 

     •  Engage local communities 

Despite the unprecedented challenges, Odisha still offers perhaps the best chance of securing a future for Asian elephants in Eastern India. 


Project Flash the Light to Save Elephants of India 


This project aims to create safe shared spaces for people and elephants, using science based solutions. In West Bengal state, India, human and elephant deaths are alarmingly high at approx. 40 people and six elephants per year. Research suggests, accidental encounters occur at night as people run into elephants, resulting in human casualties and animosity towards elephants. Tragedies can be averted using basic safety practices, Eg: flashlights in the dark to alert elephants of human presence.

Click Here to learn more:  


Additional Initiatives: 

     •  Project Asian Elephants 101 – Sensitizing and educating India’s youth to be better stewards for elephants, and all animals - as well as the planet. 

     • Project Temple Elephants – Holding workshops to train elephant handlers in positive reinforcement techniques, rather than torture, for the elephants they currently have. They also learn how to properly care for their elephants’ dietary and medical needs. The end goal is to phase out the use of elephants in temples entirely. 

     • The Kerala Elephant Corridor Project – With the help of the Indian government, VFAES is identifying migratory paths that elephants have traveled for thousands of years and acquiring that land as National Parks. This will allow wild elephants a clear path, avoiding human-elephant conflict. 


A biologist with a career as a newscaster and journalist, Sangita won a grant from National Geographic to produce a series of short films about the beautiful, but vulnerable, biodiversity of her home land of India, and what we need to do to save it before it’s too late. This groundbreaking 26-part short documentary series is expected to be released in early 2021.

Elephants are considered the gardeners of the earth. Without them we will perish. I really hope you will join us for this very important cause.









Written by Carlos Villalobos & Dyna Shirasaki 
Vocals performed by Dyna 
All instruments, mix & master by Carlos Villalobos

Recorded at Villa de Lobos Studios

©2020 Alistar Music/Bring Me Income Songs/Subatomic Melodies/ASCAP/BMI


100% of sales proceeds will go to the VFAES Project, thank you!




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Written by Carlos Villalobos & Dyna Shirasaki

Vocals by Dyna All instruments, mix & master by Carlos Villalobos

Recorded at Villa de Lobos Studios

©2020 Alistar Music/Bring Me Income Songs/Subatomic Melodies/ASCAP/BMI

Temporary Heart ©2020 Alistar/BMIS/Subatomic Melodies/ASCAP/BMI

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it’s like to feel? How every soul you’ve ever plundered, is life you’ve longed to live. Innocence, a slighted gift, you hide `cause it feels too real. Paralyzed, you hide away. You’re a lie - that you don’t buy. Remember saying: I won’t give in, I will be strong, I have the will to carry on until I’m gone.

Inside, wide-eyed your child’s alive and reaching for the starlight Don’t fight what lies beneath your temporary heart

Do you ever stop to ponder what it’s like to see? How every step you’ve ever taken has spun you ‘round to right back here. Frivolous, anarchist, you’re a fool – but you know better. There’s so much to do, if you wanted to you could change, change the world. I will begin, I will stay strong, I will forever carry on until it’s done.

Inside, wild-eyed your child’s alive and reaching for the starlight Don’t fight what lies beneath your temporary heart

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