1. Don't You Ever

From the recording In Ex-Isle

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Don't You Ever (Lyrics)

Intro verse: All I wanna know is if you really love me girl, then let me know, let it show. Holdin on to you in my heart no matter where I go, I love you so, this ya know. You give me feelins so I never wanna let you go away, never flow away. You are the treasure that I'm gonna keep until my final day! (O-Shen)

Verse 1: From the first time we was talkin, I wanna get to know you. Across the room our eyes were lockin, and whats a lonely soldier to do? And now you know that there ain't no stoppin, your hearts the beat that I'm rockin to. And you're the door that I've been knockin, you're the drug I'm addicted to.

Chorus: So don't you ever, don't you ever, stop the way that you're lovin me, I'll miss you like the roses miss the rain. Don't you ever, don't you ever, take away all your lovin girl, my tender heart will not survive the pain. The roses need the rain.

Verse 2: I just thinkin about you leavin, it makes me feel so low. I hope you never find a reason to make my lonely tears a flow, cause you're the air that I've been breathin, don't make me beg ya not to go, without your love my heart is freezin, and all my tears will turn to snow.

Bridge: Ya shelter me when I'm feelin down and out and so lonely. What more could a man ever want than you? Always there to hold me, you're the one to console me. Imagine life without your love, it sounds wrong just talkin about it. You're my river, tender love giver, I came to deliver, the best thing eternally. I hope I can make you see, you're the one for me!

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