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"Written All Over" (Lyrics)

Verse 1: Never mind feelin sorry for me, I'll be OK. I am a grown man, grown man. Your eyes are sayin that we're history. You're goin away. I'll be alone man, lone man. You try to hide how you feel but to me its obvious. I'm the one who's heart you did steal. You're the one who I gave my trust. Finally I love someone real, now I feel my heart will bust. Gotta let these injuries heal, I must.

Chorus: Its written all over your face, that you don't love me like you used to do. Its written all over your face. You gave your love to someone new. So don't go tellin me lies, I see it written all over your face. You cannot disguise it. Its written all over your face! {Your pretty face}

Verse 2: Don't even think you can hide it, because you always wear your heart on your sleeve. I know that you cannot fight it. Your tender eyes were never meant to deceive. I love how ya don't wanna hurt me so you keep it hidden. You can tell me how you really feel cause a lie is not worth livin. I don't wanna see you in tears, wanna see you spread your wings. Losin you is one of my fears and so I sing:

Bridge: All over your face, I see it written like its carved in stone. All over your face, I see your heart has never found its home. The catch of a lifetime, hard to release. At least I'll remember my heart had a thief. Cherish the love even however brief.  Walk out the door while I'm grindin my teeth. Can't keep you grounded when you wanna fly, even if its flyin to some other guy. Gotta turn ya loose cause I'm bitten. Strong like a lion, soft like a kitten. Now alone I'm existin. On your face it was written. 

©2013 Kaimoana Music/Bring Me INcome Songs/BMI