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Soldier For You (Lyrics)

Intro: Oh yay, I'm a soldier, I'm a soljah. Left, right, left right left. {I'm a soldier..Fo' ya}

Verse 1: How do we know, what we're gettin into when we fall in love? How do we know, just how far we'd go to prove our love? And how do we know? cause how can ya know until you feel it? So how could you know, that I'd be a soldier for you, yeah.

Chorus: Lady, I'm a soldier for you, and I'll never stop fightin in these trenches for you. I'd spill my blood on the ground cause I'm a soldier for you. Lady I'm a soldier for you, and I'll never stop dyin for you, cryin for you. I lay my life on the line cause I'm a soldier for you.

Verse 2: I'm standin on the front lines for you, whether or not you'd do the same for me. I'd climb the highest mountain to show you, and swim across the Pacific sea. I'd give up a limb or 2, just to save my baby boo, screamin out your name and I don't feel the bullets passin through. Warrior like lakota soux, lion breakin out a zoo. By now you'll see that I'll always be a soldier for you!

Bridge: cause I'm a soldier for your tender touch. I'm so in love with you and you're the object of my lust. I'm blown away because it started as a crush. In the heat of battle I'm the one you can trust. We nah fall, we nah fall cause its no surrender. Even though I'm made of steel but deep inside I'm tender. A stone, all alone, lookin for my quarry. Like I told ya, I'm a soldier for ya. Never worry! 

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