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Euthanize My Heart (Lyrics)

Verse 1: I can't admit to myself that I loved you more than all the love I did receive. I know you're bad for my health, I feel like I'm dyin when you're gone I can't breath. You got me twisted, I know you're lovin every minute putin' my heart in your freeze. You're treatin me bad, I feel like a disease, so what I'm gonna do:

Pre-chorus: Oh oh, I found the remedy. Oh, I found the remedy. Oh, I found the remedy to take away all this pain inside.

Chorus: Euthanize my heart so I don't have to feel this pain. Put my heart to sleep so that it never beats again. Euthanize my heart so I don't suffer any more, because it hurts me to the core.

Verse 2: Its emergancy, ya bettah call nine double one. Flatline, lovin a girl who's so troublesome. No time, I'm seein light, bettah let me go divine, eternity, let them tag my toe. I'm ready to go where I can be at rest. Ya don't even know I've given you my best. I'll slip away slow into euphoria, and never will know of any more a ya!

Bridge: Just when I start to think that I was gettin to know you girl, and now I gotta let go you girl. Ya don't even know how bad this hurts right now. Every time I reminisce to the love I gave to you, was an emotional slave to you. I can't even see you anymore, no. Cause you're invisible! Euthanize my heart!

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