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  1. Replacement Lover

From the recording In Ex-Isle

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Replacement Lover (Lyrics)

Verse 1: I'm swoopin in to pick up where he was failin. His loss is the reason I found you. As soon as things would get rough the dude was bailin. He's not even stayin around you. I can't believe he'd let a treasure like you go and let you fall into the arms of a better man. I came to help your ego heal from that huge blow, so don't misunderstand.

Chorus: I guess you ain't had good love in a while. Who was that thief who came and stole your smile? Oh my, oh my, I'll be your replacement lover. He must a been such a fool for him not to see. I'm never one to miss a good opportunity. Now I can be your replacement lover.

Verse 2: I'll never leave you alone, and turn my back like he did, yeah. I'm standin strong like a stone, cause you're the one I needed, Yeah. I'll never leave you alone. I'm standin by your side, your side. I'll never leave you alone. I'm comin for the long ride, long ride.

Bridge: I see in your eyes, how much he hurt you with deceiving games, oh. I'll never be that way with you baby. I'll never be that way with you, baby.  I'll tell you no lies. I want to love you like a lover should. I wanna stay with you for good. I wish I could. I think I should. {Eh, so what? You like be my chick? K, shoots den!)

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