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Still Holdin' On (Lyrics)

Verse 1: One brick at a time. I'm gonna tear down that wall one day. Still Fighting for mine. I'm dedicated, even come what may. Cause its in my design. Its hard to keep a warrior at bay. And everything will be fine. I just gotta keep on pushin on my way, no matter what they say.

Chorus: I'm still holdin' on. I'm still holdin' on. Never been a quitter so why start now? Every dog has his day. Lord, I'm still holdin' on. I'm still Holdin' on. Ride it till the wheels fall off this mother, lets go hard all the way. Oh!

Verse 2: You wanna see me one day, givin' up so easy. You'll never see me run-way, cause that will never please me. My dedication is a never gonna die. I'm put upon this earth to be the last man standing. What I been facin' had me bowin' down to cry. I used to ask for it, but now I'm strongly demanding. So many people have a dream but they never follow through. The trouble that I've seen: I lived inside a zoo, and now I can redeem, because I'm livin' true. I'm finally livin' true. I wanna tell you from my soul: Never give up your dream. Focus on your goal, you're on a winnin' team. Don't ever let it go, cause soon its happenin'. Oh wa oh! Ya just gotta keep on pushin on your way. No matter what they say!

Bridge: Sometimes I feel like I wanna give up. Still got to keep on sailin' when its rough. Still holdin' on even though I've had enough. Why can't I ever let go? I've had to fight all my life to get a piece. Still got a grip that I never can release. Still holdin' on after everything cease. I won't let go!

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