1. Remember Me

From the recording In Ex-Isle

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Remember Me (Lyrics)

Intro/outro: Oh take a picture, so ya don't forget my face. Oh, yes. Cause I'll be one that you should remember. Oh, oh.(Destined for greatness)

Verse 1: Maybe someday, maybe someday, I'll do somethin to make you proud. Maybe one day, maybe one day, I'm gonna impress you and your crowd. Maybe today, maybe today, I'll make your girlfriend scream so loud. Cause when she see's me she'll be floatin on a cloud. Oh, cause I'll be a big celebrity, when everybody's knowin me. My dream will be reality.

Chorus: Remember me cause I plan on bein' a big celebrity. You'll see my name in the magazines, and on the TV screens. Remember me, I'm gonna be a superstar like you. Maybe someday, maybe someday, so remember me!

Verse 2: I'm gonna have a couple million extra to blow on my fam and friends. I'm gonna find the landlord and buy the building where I used to rent. I'm gonna build my dream house by the waterfall where the river bends, lawd, but still stay humble with no false pretense, oh, but I'll be a big celebrity, cause everybody's knowin' me. My dream will be reality!

Bridge: I'm in the middle of my success story. I never feel the full effect of the glory. I'm showin gratitude cause its mandatory, feel it from Siberia down to Kalahari. I know it is my destiny, of that I never worry. Writing down my name in island boy history. Hope it is a load that I can always carry. Leave a legacy that is known as legendary. Yay!

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